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Annette Culhane


MA Design Education

I am investigating the role simulated ‘nature’ can play in aiding ideation during the design process in the workplace/studio environment. This ‘sense of place’, will be created through the use of projected moving imagery and embedded sensory cues to create an embodied learning experience.

This will take the form of a creative sensory workshop (‘Sense’piration workshop), where people can test the experience first-hand and generate some creative ideas. Based on the ‘Attention Restoration Theory’ (Kaplan & Kaplan, 1989) and Creative Cognition (Wallas, 1926), I will attempt to induce a period of “Incubation” (Reflection), a break away from “Directed Attention”, allowing the designer to formulate ideas. This intervention or ‘metaphorical walk in nature’, breaks the focus and gives the brain a rest to restore its cognitive abilities.

Over the last decade there has been considerable research undertaken to highlight the benefits of exposure to nature, such as increased productivity and improved well being, resulting in a new design approach – Biophilic Design, which is a method of designing spaces which respect’s our innate connection with nature (Biophilia Hypothesis, Wilson, 1984). This study is an attempt to take it a step further, by integrating ‘nature’ into our design process.