Dami Hope Lawal

MA Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship

Listen: Giving a Voice to Refugees 

As an entrepreneur with a graphic design background, I am passionate about using my creative voice to make work that reawakens people and is thought provoking. My personal design ethos is to create design with purpose, and to use visual communication as a tool to bring about change. Refugees are publicised in a light that dehumanises them and paints them as an unbalance in the world. Listen transmits the personal stories of refugees through suspended headphones, and is dedicated to giving a voice to refugees whose voices are not heard, by creating a platform for refugees to anonymously vocalise to the public their personal life experiences and feelings about how they are treated in the UK. The purpose of Listen is to shape the consciousness of people that are xenophobic towards refugees. 

Today there are a lot of false pretenses that reflect refugees as undeserving and a burden to society. Listen aims to give hope and aspiration to people who are affected by the refugee crisis, and is determined to spread refugee awareness by working to help bring to light the issue to the community through oral communication and an interactive message board within the exhibition.

There will be photographic images taken of the storytellers’ hands and are a symbolic statement to express that someone’s status should not define who they are.