daon kim - DAONKIM

Daon Kim

Miss(ing) Korea

MA Design Critical Practice

‘Received’ ideas of beauty have had alarmingly deleterious effect on the psyche of young Korean woman. There are an increasing number of cases of body dysmorphic disorder, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, other eating disorders and depression directly linked to negative body image formed in a comparison to an unrealistic ideal of beauty. The ‘ideal’ is produced in a number of promotions– movies, performances, beauty contests and so on and verdicts that attended them –casting, judging, supporting etc.. This project, by seemingly taking seriously the idea of an ideal female beauty aims to show its impossibility.
The project is focused on two beauty contests Miss Korea and Miss Universe. By taking statistics of the bodies and faces of winners of the contest over time the project outcomes suggest the ideal geometries for a ‘timeless’ Miss Korea and a ‘timeless’ Miss Universe and then in comparison shows where even the ideal Miss Korea falls short of an ideal Miss World.
The project reveals in the end that an absolute ideal and judgement on female form is ultimately fatuous.