Hayley Russ - Hayley Russ

Hayley Russ

MA Design Education

Lines, for me, are the foundations of my creative design practice. They enable me to access shape, form and pattern to construct ideas that evolve organically as a result of reactive manipulation. There are other factors, which affect this process, such as the chosen medium and the starting point of each exploration

Exploring the question “Can a designer’s interpretation of line support ideation?” this research, through a series of line explorations seeks to refine the design process of the designer as a way of expanding the concept of line. Specifically through the exploration of literal, implied and conceptual line. The research considers how lines unlock a potential that can harness designer vulnerability; in not knowing what is expected, the designer is forced to exploit their creativity, in such a way that without, ideation halts.

The research concludes with a series of conceptual designs.