Hyung Joo Kim

MA Design and Environment

Design for sustainable living : From Products to Services Using 3D Printing Technology 

Interest in sustainable living has increased significantly in recent years but tends to be in conflict with 3D printing, which is a rapid prototyping tool in the design field. It is very important to consider the many potential benefits of 3D printing technology for sustainable living, e.g., improved resource efficiency, extended product life, and reconfigured value chains. 

This is part of my ongoing project to advance design for sustainable living using 3D printing technology. The aim of this project is to obtain a deeper insight of sustainable design of 3D printing from perspectives of product and service. In this project, the sustainability of 3D printing depends on both the materials and the 3D printing process. My repair project shows that value-added repair is better than creating a new project, which can improve resource efficiency and extended product life. Moreover, the customization project has shown that 3D printed customized products can allow the addition of cords in products for people with limited reach. It is of great interest to identify optimized 3D printing and to discuss the benefits and challenges for sustainable living.