Magda Glazewska - magda glazewska

Magdalena Monika Glazewska

MA Design and Innovation

The project proposes open-source products, based on the open and collaborative design of a laboratory equipment for medical research. The syringe pump for microfluidics, as an example of using emerging technologies as force for good and proposes a vision of what product design could look like in the future.
The two inspiration sources for the project were my interest in open-source software and community, coupled with the frustration with the misuse of 3D printing – a promising technology still in its infancy. 3D-printing is a buzzword on mouth of everyone and a source of justified excitement. This technology is changing the way we think about design, however can be dangerous if used improperly – the abundance of plastic toys fabricated with its aid poses threat to our already polluted planet. I attempted to use it to design a high tech functional product. Moreover I tried to apply the methods used by hackers in open-source software design to the physical product design and create an open-source product library.