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Maria Bournazou

MA Design Critical Practice

This project explores how terrorism is shaping everyday experience and perception in the West. With the increase in terrorist attacks and increased media coverage of them, objects (from bags to planes), locations (airports to police stations), clothes, people of certain religion and skin colour and, indeed, almost everything that has been a feature of past attacks has developed a different meaning for us today. Experts assemble patterns of occurrence of particular features and elements of terrorist practice in order to predict and take precautions against possible future attacks. A concomitance is that public perception has been detoured so radically that we now see threats and are fearful of what is most of the time an innocuous thing, a safe place, an innocent person etc. – a plane is a bomb, a police station is a target. This project draws on notable, incidental and coincidental data from all terrorist attacks worldwide (purportedly by ISIS) to question the reliability of the methods of expert prediction and also reveal how our changed views of the world about us casts a long shadow over liberal western beliefs.