Maria Tsilogianni

MA Design Critical Practice

The ‘idiot- – tinkerer’ persona . A model of thinking and working process applied on generating ‘new’ habitation spaces.

The ‘idiot-tinkerer’ persona thinks in absurd ways and unskillfully works with whatever is at hand without aiming at the production of a concrete outcome or solution. She thinks and acts in order to slow everything down, to invade the consensual norm and question the common ways of ‘doing’ and ‘inhabiting’. She constitutes a time-expanding thinking and working process that manifests the creation of ‘new’ practices and objects absurd enough to be considered idiotic. Frustrated by the techno-instrumental approach of her times, she takes focal objects from her past –objects that require for the user to deeply engage and explore– in order to reconstruct and reposition them in a contemporary context through on field re-inventions with whatever is at hand. It is the extension of the “flokati” (traditional carpet/rug originating from Greece) that she chooses to recompose into a ‘new’ habitation environment. For her, the “flokati” is the ultimate space of affection. During her younger age, she would lie there for hours while resting, sleeping, dreaming, playing and hiding from the rest of the world, lost in the familiarity of its surface. She craves for this homely sentiment of affection to come back, one that turns the house into a home. This becomes the occasion for a ‘new’, self re-invented habitation landscape to unfold.