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Oscar Dario Angel Diaz

MA Design and Environment

My research began with an observation of urban landscapes and the contrast between natural and man-made infrastructure in cities and their surrounding environments. My interest in how highly anthropocentric environments contrast with less artificial ecosystems lead me on a journey of collecting images of human environments such as buildings, parks and other urban spaces. In the hunt for visual information inside those places I found myself collecting fragments of nature, which I have used as an inspiration for an installation to comment on urban environments.

The idea of conservation leaded me to encapsulate in resin the remains of a dead tree stump in a geometric shape to prevent it from organic decomposition and decay, which is inevitable to all organic matter. In contrast to those fragments of nature, I created geometrically shaped concrete structure to representthe contemporary city and the remains and of so much brutalist modern architecture.

Later on in my design process I introduced a live plant into the display to reflect about urban farming and greener tendencies in contemporary architecture. A hydroponic growth light and an interactive water system help to keep the plant alive for the duration of the exhibition.