Kerlous Sidhom - paulinaklapetek

Paulina Klapetek

Sustainable Social Ecology for Homelessness and Welfare

MA Design and Environment

The central thesis of my work is dealing with the housing question: Can there be more sustainable social ecological policies for dealing with the question of homelessness, and welfare more generally? One that helps produce more holistic thriving environments rather than mere short-term, and symptomatically driven, solutions?
Based on analysis of David Holmgren’s “Future Scenarios” template for the impact of current, and possible, future levels of energy consumption on the future of life on Earth, and using it as a lens to project possible futures in social crisis, I have developed a “social ecological” response to such “crisis scenarios”. Being an earth steward is closely linked with the permaculture movement, and the re-ruralisation of global society, to improve the health and wellbeing of people and ecosystems. In social ecology, an analogical appearance of social stewards could complement each scenario and lead to more sustainable solutions on a wider scale. The social steward is a doer, a person who reaches out to vulnerable people to help them feel empowered and move on. With this ideology in mind, I have been working with the Emmaus Community in South London transforming their roof terrace into an edible garden and developing further actions that could be carried on in the future.