qimeng han - Qimeng Hani

Qimeng Hani

Carry on Home

MA Design Critical Practice

This work started with an attempt to find ‘home’ – personally and generally. The ontology of ‘home’ – definitions and expressions of what it is or might be – varied from person to person asked in the research. Responses could be broadly classified in four ways: place (location), affiliation (friends, family, community), life locus (activities, practices (incl. ‘focal’)) and memories (accumulations over time of the other three categories). To where, to whom or to what one may ‘belong’ to be truly oneself is increasingly difficult to establish when we are compelled to move, and move again, in the hurly-burly of contemporary life.
If we are all in some ways nomads then the ‘bindle’ (a stick with cloth or a blanket tied around one end for carrying items) is the typology of object that best exemplifies this ‘liquid home’ The outcome of this project is a number of ‘bindles’ which can be used to move or to temporarily stake and place home. The wrapping cloths (‘furoshiki’ in Japan) of the bindle are decorated with musings of home. The objects and graphics both represent and act practically in making home (hopefully).

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