Jang Sangkyu - Sangkyu Jang_DesignCriticalPractice4

Sangkyu Jang

Let them eat supermarket bread

MA Design Critical Practice

Three keywords triggered this project: food, family and society.
Food is essential for life but it also performs a part in cementing familyand also, inevitably,in the formation of societies. The food that comes to our tables nowadays is an extremely complex ‘semiotics of materiality’ (Law, 1999)which when read reveals a knotted network of intertwined spaces and agencies which implicate political, economic, ecologic, social and cultural practices and concerns.
This project is an exhibition of one thing; namely, a loaf of bread – bread being the most elementary ‘cooked’ food. The loaf of bread on display is one that is purchased at a local supermarket. The loaf is deconstructed and analyzed so that one may appreciate not only the ingredients of bread and their sources, but also the ‘apparatuses’ (Agamben, 2009) that are at work in producing the bread and also those which the production of bread produces (a supermarket loaf is both a product of latest capitalism and is a small part of what fuels it).