MODEST FASHION sessions with Dorit Young

18 Sep 2016
11:00-13:00 and 15.00-17.00
St James Hatcham Gallery, New Cross

MODEST FASHION sessions with Dorit Young

Part of Dorit Young’s project

Come along, try on and explore how it feels to wear a face veil or full body cover

These sessions with Dorit Young, taking place in the main exhibition space, will give the visitor the chance to take part in or initiate a dialogue about connecting with other cultures and faiths starting from the personal experience of Modest Fashion.

The garment pieces available for trying on are inspired by Muslim and Western Modest Wear – historical and present day.

Cultural separation and isolation between East and West can be seen in the way Modest Clothing is routinely perceived. Muslim women often now expect to be attacked.

Trying to understand Modest Fashion in all its cultural and historical diversity is connecting with each other.