Sujin Lee - Sujin_Lee

Sujin Lee

Bandstand Follies

MA Design Critical Practice

There are numerous bandstands in London. These, however beautiful, are on the wholeoutdated – aimed as they were to music and performance of yester-year. The brass band performance in the park is rarely, if ever, seen nowadays. This project is an attempt to revive the bandstand and make it fit for the kinds of performance we now see in public space contemporarily. It is an attempt to encourage buskers and street performers of various kinds to use parks in the way that ‘bands’ used them in the past. The new bandstands are ‘un-programmed’; like Tschumi’sParcVillette buildings they invite appropriation by the performers and indeed audiences.
Additionally, an app has been designed to support the program of the new bandstands; allowing events to be organized (informally by performers) and advertised and captured and broadcast. It affords the opportunity for performers to connect with one another and with audiences.