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Tom Harding

An Untitled Repair Project

MA Design Critical Practice

The project was initiated from the consideration of value in a repaired object (what the Japanese know as ‘kitsuge’). This is considered in three ways, viz. the added value of the object, the value of repair to the repairer and the value of repair as a socio-cultural practice.
The outcome is a series of three chairs that are designed in a language that evidences the repair (or vice versa, repaired to evidence the design?). Accompanying each chair is a document that narrates the chairs history; like a car service manual it is a record of maintenance and repair. This both evidences and stimulates ‘care’ for the object.
The chairs are design/repaired to be valued, there is a way of building pride in repairing through making repair conspicuous design and through this and the ‘manual’ it hopefully encourages an industry of design-repair (alakitsuge) in society at large.