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Ulla Puggaard, Erica Jewell and Íñigo Martinez de Rituerto

The Kingdom of Weeds

MA Design Futures / MA Interaction Design

Kingdom of Weeds proposes to shift the relationship between humans and weeds. Weeds are defined as herbaceous plants growing unintentionally on cultivated land, so named by virtue of their “unprofitable, troublesome or noxious growth” (Oxford English Dictionary). Their misfortune is aligned with humankind’s expectations of the natural world, which impose order and hierarchy on a naturally decentralised, dynamic system.

A common weed is elevated, inviting visitors to a ritual of listening to the voice of the weed, a soundscape composed of waveforms generated from the organic undulations of its ridged leaves. The weed is given a voice to communicate an essence which is typically ignored, reminding visitors of their place in the jigsaw of life, while speaking a common language embedded in flora, fauna and humanity.