Ximena Ruiz del rio prieto

MA design and innovation


Work in progress is the title of a new initiative designed and created within the organisation Justice for Domestic Workers.

The project aims to put the power of campaigning more readily in the hands of all of those involved in the group. We help members identify with the organisation’s cause by allowing their own experiences and opinions to shape campaign messages. Our aim is to innovate through awareness of simultaneous personal and organisational development.

At the centre of the initiative is an emphasis on hashtag culture that helps build a living archive of our own activity for others to connect with and witness the work of the group.  We actively encourage the sharing of what we learn and explore, through any medium. Our ethos is to create a message to the world that shows we know what work is worth. By encouraging participants to share what they do, we contribute to the collective voice of the J4DW organization, and help encourage group members and their peers to have a louder voice to speak out.