Yuchen Shen - Yuchen Shen_2

Yuchen Shen

MA Design Critical Practice

‘Self(ie) Abuse’

The ‘selfie’ is a recent phenomenon that has changed the way people behave in public and, indeed, digital space (linking as it does to social media). The selfie is not just a photograph but also a ‘proof’. It proves memory, as does all photography, but it is also a proof of ‘presence’ (addressing the ‘here and now’ rather than a ‘history’ as with previous portraiture). It is also a promotion of self; where the self and, his or her activities, are broadcast to all and sundry through the networks of divers social media. This project is a critique of the phenomenon of the selfie; through a number of ludic experiments (of presence and promotion) this project raises questions about this new phenomenon in photography and the way it means and acts on ideas of ‘self’.