Zandri Kuun

MA Design Futures

This project proposes a shift from the integration of migrants to their amalgamation with the local culture, so as to retain the diversity related to cultural identities. Moreover, it proposes the implementation of a framework which will facilitate the co-production of a shared culture to generate a community that is more accepting and inclusive towards migrants. This is achieved by generating agency among citizens (through supporting dialogue and generating opportunities to build cross-cultural relationships) by means of co-creative, citizen-led initiatives. The framework is to be implemented within transitional spaces (spaces people occupy en route to a destination) to support cross-cultural community engagements, thereby reconstituting these spaces.

The project further works towards addressing the issues around migration, xenophobia and urban loneliness. To overcome these issues, the research identified the need for citizens to adapt their expectations, perceptions, and individual coping strategies. The proposal outlines an embodiment and reciprocation methodology, which can assist citizens to develop an empathy and understanding for each other in order to catalyse this change.