Siwen Wang

MA design and innovation

Gamification: Hybrid walking experience for elderly people with culture elements

Aging is a global issue nowadays, while aging population increases in most countries. It is necessary for designers to innovate living experience for the elderly people from the emotion and moral concern. From the ethnography and several in depth interviews we found that the main living problems of elderly people are loneliness in psychological section and difficulty walking in physical section. Designers should provide better experience to promote the elderly people to form healthy living habits, prolonging their bodies’ fit time to seventy-five or more, conveying a healthy and positive lifestyle that will make elderly people happy.

Walking is a low-impact physical activity that needs no special training or equipment. People can do it anywhere in their leisurely time. It is an ideal activity in everyday life. It cannot be limited by several situations, such as time, financial cost, poor health and some other physical limitations.

This project is aiming to provide a playful walking journey for the elderly citizens. By using this series of smart wearables, this gamification walking can motivate the elderly citizens to walk more in their leisurely time, promoting their health situations. This gamification experience hybrids the physical activities with digital engagement to some extent. In ethnography period and in the interviews of real hobbies, we found that the elderly people like walking, art and culture related activates. In order to meet more need for elderly people, we hybrid there two hobbies together, motivating the elderly people to walk more with walking data.