Yixuan Li

MA Design Critical Practice

Ao’s Letters to Mom

To know a place that you are not familiar with, you do not need to read every single word published, you do not need to speak to every local, you do not need to remember all points on a travel map…Sharing someone else’s feelings or thoughts of a place may give a better indication of what a place is like than formal publications like guidebooks and student information. Objects, people and practices, events and experiences, all contribute to the gathering of time and space as memory. This project draws on the idea of shared accumulations of memory to inform those who haven’t yet had experience of a place – customs, practices and culture generally – to have some foreknowledge of what their experiences may be. The project “Ao’s Letters to Mom” uses a diary-like comic strip to convey an character’s experience in London viz. ”Ao” (an aggregation of different actual experiences of Chinese students) to Moms and their daughters and sons in China.