Yonca Yucemen

MA Design and Innovation


LOOP STORIES for School is a Toolset created for the young minds. It aims to promote circular economy to children by making them see & use the abundance in their ecosystems and create Loop stories for Resource efficiency. The Story takes place in a school with space to grow and which produces food waste, which is then composted to become food again. All Players in the school as well as within the boundaries of its community have interdependent but autonomous parts in the story yet they all share a villain in the shape a garbage truck.

LOOP STORIES uses Cepha Method which takes it name from cephalopods, a class of mollusks which octopuses are in. Cepha Method is a Creative Thinking Method, which tries to build infinite loops in the ever-expanding economy with open, decentralized, adaptive, transparent and communicative design. An Octopus has three hearts, 9 brains, a curious mind, flexible body that can change its colour, shape ,texture and engulfs many other qualities that can be adapted to this fun and earth-loving innovation.